Saturday, October 1, 2011

Martin,2011,Biology Direct; Early evolution without a tree of life

Early evolution without a tree of life

William F Martin
Institut of Botany III, University of Düsseldorf, 40225 Düsseldorf, Germany
Biology Direct 2011, 6:36 doi:10.1186/1745-6150-6-36

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Received:25 March 2011
Accepted:30 June 2011
Published:30 June 2011

© 2011 Martin; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. 
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Life is a chemical reaction. Three major transitions in early evolution are considered without recourse to a tree of life. The origin of prokaryotes required a steady supply of energy and electrons, probably in the form of molecular hydrogen stemming from serpentinization. Microbial genome evolution is not a treelike process because of lateral gene transfer and the endosymbiotic origins of organelles. The lack of true intermediates in the prokaryote-to-eukaryote transition has a bioenergetic cause.

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