Wednesday, October 19, 2016 allows you to search by date, faces and OBJECTS (and animals) in the pictures.

Google.Photos has become one of the most popular digital media sharing tool.
In addition to sharing, Google Photos can backup your mobile phone photos and provides automatic organization and search capabilities.
However, is Google Photos right for you?

First off remember that Google.Photos is only a tool. And as such, it has specific purposes that it was built for. Like with any tool, if your expectations do not match the intent of the tool you will be frustrated and disappointed.

For example, Google Photos has some automatic organization by date built-in, but if you are trying to use Google Photos to organize your photo folders, it will not work.

Google Photos is a great tool…but for the right tasks. So what can Google Photos help you with?

Google Photos can store your photos in the cloud so they are accessible from all your devices. This means that once you upload your digital pictures to Google Photos, you can access them from your computers phones and tablets. This is pretty cool. However, any cloud storage offers this feature. And when it comes to storage space, Google Photos shines again because it offers unlimited space as long as you store compressed jpeg photos "high quality" (less quality in fact but less size in MB).

Google Photos allows you to automatically store your mobile and desktop photos so you don’t have to worry about uploading them to the service. This feature is called automatic backup. Most cloud storage services offer this as well. Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud and Yahoo!’s Flickr all after mobile media backup...
Google Photos allows you to share the media content you have uploaded whether manually or automatically. This is also common.
Google Photos allows you to group the uploaded photos into logical groups called albums. This his way you can share only certain groups of photos. This is very handy but common as well.

Google Photos allows you to search by date, faces and objects in the pictures. This last feature is what differentiates Google Photos from any other cloud storage provider. Google’s powerful image analysis algorithm can recognize animals, beaches, sunsets, mountains, bridges, castles and a lot of other objects.

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