Tuesday, November 8, 2016

web clipboard and google drive. Clipboard Image or text. L'usage du web clipboard dans drive.

Copy and paste in Google Docs becomes a lot more powerful when using the web clipboard, allowing you to queue items to paste and add tables or charts to a document.
You can copy and paste text and images between your files — even if you're going from one type of file to another.
Content you copy to the web clipboard is stored on Google's servers and stays there 30 days from when you last took action on it, like when you copied it.


Si il n'y a rien de copié avec l'usage de Web clipboard "nothing to copy":

Si vous avez copié plusieurs choses par exemple le smiley puis un texte puis une photo insérée (qui est considérée ici comme une shape):

Remarque: la shape sélectionnée ici apparait en pop-up en bas...
On peut copier plusieurs objets d'un seul coup-->qui devient un objet "shapes".

inside your browser:

Clipboard Image to Google Drive
Save clipboard images, screen capture to Google Drive directly. This app allows you to one-click saving clipboard images to Google Drive. This is a simple and powerful image, photo saver for Google Drive.
You don't need to install any further software, extension to save clipboard images.
Provides connect with Google Drive. This app only supports Chrome, Firefox, IE11+, Edge.
Firefox, IE11+, Edge browser: Give a focus to the input box, and Press the Ctrl+V.
Press the Ctrl+V, AppleKey+V after copying the image.  
Paste from clipboard for Firefox, IE11+, Edge.
Screen Capture to Clipboard
Windows, Linux: Press PrtScn Button
Mac: Control + Command + Shift + 3 (fullscreen), Control + Command + Shift + 4 (selection)

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