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Automatiser et Convertir de nombreux fichiers doc en docx (ou ODT pdf HTML) d'un seul coup en un seul lot (batch conversion).

Il est préférable de s'appuyer sur les outils word de microsoft en automatisant.
Les autres choix sont ici indiqués pour info.

Command line or Macro

here: mac

with the app automator and word business

If you have Office:Mac 2008 Business Edition or Office:Mac 2011 Home/Business Edition, Automator actions are included with those editions.
One of the Automator actions included with those versions of Office:Mac is
"Convert Format of Word Documents",
and one of the options in that Automator action is PDF.
This page has great information about Automator and Office:Mac.

Cette approche est intéressante si on veut aussi ajouter du texte ou du copier/coller, extraire les images, sauvegarder que le texte...

Command line tool 

Command line tool to convert DOC and DOCX files to PDF

macro VBA interne à MS Office

Utiliser la batchmacro pour appliquer une macro à tous tes documents.
Le célèbre batchmacro correspond à

"Comment exécuter sur une série de fichiers une macro créée pour un seul fichier ?"

à télécharger à

Enregistrer une macro avec un fichier .doc en le convertissant en .docx.

La macro n'écrasera pas l'ancien fichier doc.


Word peut ouvrir de nombreux fichiers d'un dossier (classer par type rend la chose plus facile). Hélas il ne sauvegarde pas tous les fichiers ouverts...
vous activez ce script applescript suivant.
Il faut juste le mettre dans automator en choisissant processus et applescript.
Tous les fichiers ouverts dans word sont sauvegardés:
"xx.doc" est transformé en "xx.doc.docx"


How about a script? 
Paste this one in AppleScript Editor and run it. It will Save As all open files into the .docx. format and add that as an extension. The resulting files are placed next to the original. Try it first with just a few files, then on increasing numbers while Word does not choke.

You can do a Finder's search for names containing .doc, open those files right there from the results window and then run the script. Finally, repeat the find operation in the Finder, Command-Click on the files you no longer need (duplicates), then trash them.

--------------APPLESCRIPT TO PASTE FOLLOWS--------------------

tell application "Microsoft Word"
   repeat with i from 1 to the count of (documents)
      save as the front document file name path of the front document & ".docx" file format format document
      close front document saving no
   end repeat
end tell


macro applescript
If you have Home/Student Edition instead of Business Edition, or don't have Office at all, you can accomplish it via AppleScript. Mac OS X Hints has an article about bulk converting text files to PDF via AppleScript, and the comments to that article give some options to convert DOC/DOCX to PDF via RTF. That might result in a loss of formatting or linking if you've got very complex DOC/DOCX files, but might be sufficient for files that aren't terribly complex.

Par un outil gratuit de microsoft

Microsoft has a bulk conversion utility that can convert multiple DOC files to DOCX files.
 This utility has been around for a while, but a fair number of people don’t know of its existence.  Because it’s a powerful tool designed to convert all files on a server (or even a bunch of servers), its use is a little cryptic.  This is fine for IT professionals, but if all you want to do is bulk convert a single directory of DOC files, this post shows what you need to do.

  1. Before you can use this tool, you need to install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack.  While the compatibility pack is primarily used with Office 2003 to allow it to load and save Open XML files, in essence, the compatibility pack is comprised of file format converters, which the Office File Converter (OFC) uses.  To use OFC, you need to install the compatibility pack even if you only have Office 2007 installed.  Download the compatibility pack.
  2. Next, you need to download and install the Microsoft Office Migration Planning Manager (OMPM).  This contains a bunch of stuff, but for bulk file conversion, we are primarily interested in just one tool, OFC.EXE.  Download the Microsoft Office Migration Planning Manager.

When installing, as usual, you will select the installation directory.  OFC.EXE is in the Tools directory under the installation directory.  In addition, in that directory, there is a sample OFC.INI file.  To run OFC.EXE, you need to create an OFC.INI, and place it in the directory where you run OFC.EXE from.

Ouvrez, modifiez et enregistrez des documents, classeurs et présentations dans les nouveaux formats de fichier Open XML de Microsoft Office Word, Excel et PowerPoint,

télécharger le Pack de compatibilité Microsoft Office pour les formats de fichier Word, Excel et PowerPoint:
Que windows.

l’objectif n’est pas de repasser sur ses 200 documents Office disséminés dans son arborescence, mais bien de faire le minimum d’opérations pour tous les convertir au format Office 2007.

J’ai trouvé la solution sur le site de Microsoft. Il s’agit de Microsoft Office Migration Manager, une petite suite d’outils très basiques contenant un outil de conversion des documents Office en ligne de commande nommé OFC.

Avant de continuer je précise que la suite Office 2007 doit être installée sur votre machine pour que vous puissiez exploiter les fichiers convertit.


avec des outils developers


par une version gratuite

doc to docx converter (here for mac):

Doxillion Free for Mac

logiciel gratuit pour un usage non commercial.
While many file converters have a clunky feel, Doxillion Free Mac Document Converter for Mac provides an easy-to-follow user interface that allows you to complete document conversions quickly. The application easily converts file types such as DOC, DOCX, ODT, and PDF to other file formats. However, the files tend to have spacing and alignment issues once converted.
From NCH Software: Doxillion is a free PDF converter to convert docx, doc, rtf, html, xml, wpd, odt, txt and other text file formats. Convert a single file or batch convert several PDFs at a time. Easily add Doxillion to your right click menu to add fast and simple conversion functionality to all supported formats

par un shareware payant

BatchOutput Office Suite

Automate printing and PDF production from
Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Batch Docx Converter

You pay 20$
The license key will be available to you right after the purchase. This key activates the demo version.
Convert Docx <-> Doc Files
Software to convert multiple docx/doc files in seconds!

Batch Docx Converter is a desktop program that will quickly convert multiple Microsoft Office docx to doc, or doc to docx file formats on the Mac or Windows in literally seconds. The software allows you to convert those pesky .docx files into .doc format (or vice versa) without any loss of styling or formating- securely on your desktop.

Top Benefits of Batch Docx Converter:
  • Convert an unlimited number of docx/doc files
    Works both ways: docx -> doc or doc -> docx
  • No technical programming to mess with
    Batch convert your files without any loss of styling and formating.
  • Document conversion in 3 simple steps…
    Drop your files into the application's window, and hit convert - that's it!
My .docx files have complex graphics in them, will the formatting/styling and graphics remain intact after I convert them to .doc files?
Yes, using the software to convert docx to doc or doc to docx will not affect the styling or the format after conversion.

autres softs

par du web services


many docx and other files to pdf

NW Docx Converter

Open source


Convert Word documents (.docx files) to HTML

DocX is a .NET library that allows developers to manipulate Word 2007/2010/2013 files, in an easy and intuitive manner. DocX is fast, lightweight and best of all it does not require Microsoft Word or Office to be installed.

DocX is also available on GitHub.
DocX is available on both Codeplex and Github.
CodePlex is Microsoft's free open source project hosting site.

Docx2tex is a small command line tool that uses standard technologies to help users of Word 2007 to publish publications where typography is relevant or only papers produced by TeX are accepted. Behind the scenes, docx2tex uses common technologies to interpret Word 2007 OOXML

des outils de libreOffice

Pour transformer les fichiers word en ODT
Sous-répertoires compris
Indique que la recherche des fichiers applicables s'effectue également dans les sous-répertoires du répertoire sélectionné.

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