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medra (multilingual European Registration Agency), crossRef and DOI

mEDRA is a DOI Registration Agency (DOI RA) officially appointed by the International DOI Foundation on 1st July 2003 and provides DOI registration services to publishers, academic institutions, research centres and intermediaries in Italy, in the EU market and internationally.

Headquarter: di Porta Romana, 108 - 20122 Milano
Società a responsabilità limitata iscritta presso l'ufficio del registro delle imprese di Milano.
C.F. - P.IVA e REG.IMPR.:04547330961 - R.E.A. 1756009
CAP. SOC. 40000 € I.V.

At mEDRA we want to make things easy for everyone, therefore mEDRA system can be used by small and big organisations, for commercial and open access publications, with or without having technical skills. Moreover, mEDRA team is available to support customers individually and speaks Italian, English, French and German.

mEDRA also collaborates with Crossref to allow DOIs registered with mEDRA to be deposited on Crossref platform.

DOI BracketAnnual FeeDOIs includedPrice per unit
for exceeding DOIs
018030 DOIs included4.50
135075 DOIs included3.80
2600170 DOIs included2.70
3900350 DOIs included2.00
41,350650 DOIs included1.60
52,0001,300 DOIs included1.10

• The access to DOI registration service through mEDRA is subject to advanced payment of an Annual Fee (plus – for the new contracts – the payment for the months of the current year)
• The DOIs included in the Annual Fee have to be registered within the December 31 of every year.
• In case of a number of registrations exceeding the quantity included in the annual fee, a price per unit,
connected to the chosen bracket, is required. Once the sum of the initial DOI Bracket plus the extra DOIs reaches the fee of the next DOI bracket, customer will be upgraded to the next upwards DOI Bracket without extra cost than the amount of difference of bracket.
• Extra DOIs will be invoiced at the end of the annual contract (31/12 of every year).
In case of termination of the contract, the Registrant has to pay € 0,1 for each registered Doi for the maintenance service.
• At the end of the first year after the termination of the contract, mEDRA will use the registered metadata in order to guarantee DOI Service.


ONIX for DOI metadata schema defines the XML format of the message requested by mEDRA system to register DOIs, showing the list of metadata concerning the object to be identified.

According to the ONIX for DOI metadata schema, you can register DOIs on Monographs, Monographic Chapters, Serial Articles, Serial Titles and Serial Issues.

The XML schema is encoded according to ONIX syntax. ONIX (Online Information Exchange) is the most authoritative standard communication format for content industry, created and regularly updated by EDItEUR, the international group coordinating the development of the standards for electronic commerce in book and serials industries.

ONIX for DOI metadata schema, jointly developed by mEDRA and EDItEUR in collaboration with Nielsen Book Data (the DOI Registration Agency for UK) has been formally endorsed by EDItEUR as the official ONIX format for DOI registration and it has newly been adopted by OPOCE, the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities.

The latest issue of ONIX for DOI metadata schema, version 2.0., is now available. The new release is fully backwards compatible with the previous one (1.1), but thanks to the inclusion of new metadata elements it allows a richer description of publications and, for Italian customers only, the deposit of the citations list to join CrossRef services via mEDRA.



A few utilities addressed to the IT staff of your company:
Automatic upload of XML file for DOI registration
Download a Java program performing the automatic upload of the XLM file via HTTPS POST to the mEDRA registration service

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