Wednesday, March 8, 2017

ZENODO Feature request: bibliometrics, statistics of page views and downloads. Datacite statistics.

Zenodo is very useful and the new release adds a lot of improved functionality. One feature I think is still missing are download statistics for each deposit. The altmetrics integration is nice, but I suspect a lot more people download an item than blog or tweet about it. So download statistics would provide very welcome, more fine-grained information and it wouldn't even take an external provider to collect the data. The French repository HAL does this very nicely (even distinguishing between page views and downloads). I personally would prefer those statistics to be public, but if this raises concerns, maybe an opt-out / opt-in solution is necessary.
In order to enhance Zenodo and monitor traffic,
non-personal information such as IP addresses
and cookies may be tracked and retained, and log files may be shared


datacite statistics are only for DATA centers
Try this example:*&fq=has_metadata%3Atrue&fq=is_active%3Atrue&fq=prefix%3A%2210.5281%22&


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