Tuesday, May 23, 2017

comparison figshare versus zenodo


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HTML of figshare

9 fields (input)


Three levels of services

  1. general features for FREE accounts
  2. services for publishers
    1. figshare Viewer
    2. visualize any format of supplemental and digital files within your articles
  3. services for institutions
    1. Curation workflows
    2. manage the curation of files to be made public, control quotas and administer rights

 additional custom METADATA

Public files hosted on figshare are issued with Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) via DataCite through the California Digital Library. In order to meet with DataCite metadata requirements, figshare requires users to add the following information before making files public and citable: Title, author list (ordered), categories (set ontology), tags (free text) and a description with as much context as needed to interpret the files. Users can also add links to external sources.

Institutional clients can define additional custom metadata when implementing figshare.

Profile: All about your profile page


Example of a publisher 


Other programmatic tools (in GitHub)


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