Monday, October 24, 2011

Scholarometer, Tenurometer, a firefox plug-in; bibliographic data;
Scholarometer (beta) is a social tool to facilitate citation analysis and help evaluate the impact of an author's publications.

Enables users to export individual or bulk bibliographic data
Scholarometer users can save the finding into formats appropriate for local reference management software (e.g., EndNote), or for social publication sharing systems (e.g., BibSonomy). Currently, our system supports the following export formats: BibTex (BIB), RefMan (RIS), EndNote (ENW), comma-separated values (CSV), tab-separated values (XLS), and BibJSON. Export data is dynamically generated in response to any filter, merge or delete actions performed by the user.

API, widget, Linked Data and other ways to share data
The Scholarometer API makes it easy to integrate citation-based impact analysis data and annotations into other applications, and/or to gain access to the data collected by Scholarometer. You can get information about authors, disciplines, and even relationships among authors and among disciplines. Another way to share data is by embedding the Scholarometer widget into an author's homepage. Scholarometer is also integrated with Twitter to share information about queried authors. Finally, Scholarometer data is published as Linked Data, which makes information about authors and disciplines available on the Semantic Web.

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