Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Google Firebase, and Collaborative Realtime Mapping with Firebase Realtime Database


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demo project

The data in the Firebase demo project is from the Flood It! Android app and iOS app, a real gaming app with in-app purchases. Flood It! is a puzzle game in which you have to flood the whole game board with one color in fewer than the allowed steps. The data in the Firebase demo project is typical of what you might see for a gaming app. It includes the following kinds of information:

Analytics: Attribution data, key events, cohorts and funnel reporting. This includes data about first opens (think of these like installs), in-app purchases, and more.
Remote Config: The parameters that control the app experience as well as the conditions which define which users receive which parameter values.
Test Lab: The automated test results from running the app on numerous device/OS combinations for quality assurance purposes.
Crash: Details on various crashes which have occurred in the app, including callstacks and device information.
Notifications: The notification campaigns that were sent to users to re-engage them. This includes data about the number of messages sent, opened and the number of conversions attributed to each campaign.
Google Tag Manager: Analytics events flow through Google Tag Manager, which affords you the ability to update your instrumentation without updating your app.

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with google MAPS api

Exemple with google MAPS api
Collaborative Realtime Mapping with Firebase
It'is a tuto for google MAPS api.
Setting up Firebase:
In order to make this application collaborative, you must store the clicks in an external database that all users can access. The Firebase Realtime Database suits this purpose, and does not require any knowledge of SQL.

Firebase is an application platform that stores data as JSON, and syncs to all connected clients in realtime. It is available even when your app goes offline. 

When you connect to Firebase, You will receive this ( in @your Gmail):

Add an app to your project
Your new Firebase project is a container that can hold multiple apps (for example, one for Android and one for iOS). These apps share common project resources, like a database. Visit the console to add an app.
Setup Firebase Analytics
At the heart of Firebase is Firebase Analytics, a free and unlimited analytics solution. See user behavior and measure attribution from a single dashboard. Install the iOS or Android SDK to get started.
Build a better app and leave the operations to us. Save crucial development time and ship a high-quality, bug-free app. Explore our features in the Develop pillar: Cloud MessagingAuthenticationRealtime DatabaseStorageHostingRemote ConfigTest Lab and Crash Reporting.
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