Thursday, December 1, 2016

TileMill (mapbox studio) is an open source, free desktop application for designing maps

Importing data
We walk through how to download data and get it into TileMill. To work with more complex data and datasets, check out the Adding Layers documentation.

Styling data
Here we show the basics of using CartoCSS to style your data and make a truly custom map. For an a in-depth dive into how Carto works, check out the Carto manual.

Adding tooltips and legends
Making your map interactive and adding a legend is critical to communicating your data. Here we show how to add tooltip interactivity and legends to maps. The Project Settings documentation offers more advanced details on this.

Exporting your map
Maps made in TileMill can be shared quickly and easily in a number of formats. Here we show how to export an interactive map to the MBTiles format for uploading on the web. See our Exporting docs for an overview of all supported exporting formats.

Alternatives to TileMill:
Mapbox Studio: the official, supported successor to TileMill

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