Monday, January 9, 2017

What are the open access journals books which have no publication fee, no article-processing charge?

I'm searching for:
  1. A scientific journal, 
  2. Where publishing is free (no cost for processing the paper) and no article-processing charge
  3. That is open access (no cost for readers)
  4. .docx, LaTeX should be accepted, 
  5. online publishing is fine
  6. I don't care about impact factors, as long as the journal is trustworthy

Plots cost and journal Impact Factor.

lists ~400 journal with no article processing fees.


How to search for an open access journal with no publication fee?

Use this link to download the complete list of journals from DOAJ (CSV format), with metadata as scientific field, license (if CC) and whether you have to pay to publish.

For instance:
  • How does it pay its ISP (internet service provider) hosting bill?
  • Who handles the processing and editing of articles?
  • Who does the typesetting and copyediting?
  • Who maintains the web site?

Open access journals which also don't charge a publication fee are quite rare. I think that journals published by scholarly/professional societies might satisfy this criteria in some cases. In those cases they would be funded by universities or member fees.


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