Monday, July 24, 2017

Binoculars objectives lenses zoom plastic-rubber gone sticky

Sometimes some "dust" but more often it's only sticky...

Many problems and many bad solutions

I have experienced problems with a few rubber-coated / "armored" optics products over the past 20 years or so. After a few years the rubber coating becomes so tacky (ie, sticky) that everything sticks to it, especially dirt; your fingers become sticky just touching the coating. This has happened to products from a low-end Tasco spotting scope purchased around 1997 (which still works flawlessly BTW) to higher end Bushnell laser rangefinders and telescopes. Has anyone else experienced this, and does anyone have a "cure"?

Some of the external parts of my trusty old cheapie binoculars have become sticky. These are the more 'rubbery' parts of the outside of the binos, including the focus wheel, but suspect these parts are more likely to be some sort of plastic than real rubber. Any suggestions whether/how this can be cured or reduced?

The solution

put a new rubber on the sticky part.

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