Saturday, November 5, 2016

test of several blog editors (markdown) on mac OSX (an iOS) or with a browser (blogger.js) for google blogspot blogger. Extreme markup editor for blogger: blogger.js.(Hatena markup)

Browser-based interfaces are  clumsy, and require you to be connected to the internet just to use them. Browsers are perfect for reading web content, but not so great for creating it.
The blogspot's editor is very old...

Mars Edit (shareware 30-day trial)

Nice: autodetect you blog.
Quickly scan your iPhoto Photos, Lightroom, or Flickr libraries, and insert images into your blog post with the click of a button.
Build a template to match your blog, then let MarsEdit's live preview show you how your posts will look before you publish them. Use Markdown? MarsEdit will preview that, too.
Combine the power of MarsEdit with your favorite editor. Integrates cleanly with BBEdit, TextMate, WriteRoom, TextWrangler, or any editor that supports the ODBEditor suite.

"insert image" ---> src=""
It's different from the blogspot editor---> ""
Then flipcard does not work.



Built-in Image Editor: Image editing and handling made easy

Crop, resize and set aspect ratio of your images
Adjust brightness, contrast and color temperature
Easy Instagram-esque filters such as B&W, Sepia, and Vintage
Drag and drop placement of images with live preview
Set your "Featured Image” with 1-click
Add alt text, caption, and tooltip information

A fully featured editor: Writing was never so enjoyable

Markdown or Rich Text mode
Elegant formatting bar for headings, lists, quotes, links and more
Writing goals (characters, words, reading time) with live update
Inline HTML. Perfect for tables, forms and HTML embeds
Code block, supporting all major code languages

Same problem for inserting image: ""


You can use Extreme Markup Editor for Blogger™ on both Google Chrome and Firefox.
In fact near of Hatena Markup (blog platform :

open source:

blogger.js is a 815 lines of javascript.

* Paragraphs
* Headings
* Hierarchical Lists
* Definition Lists
* Tables
* Blockquotes
* Pre-formatted Texts
* Source Code
* Footnotes
* Raw HTML Tags
* Links
* Images

* LaTeX

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