Friday, November 4, 2016

the best tool for publishing a photo on a blog, blogger blogspot: google drawings. ScreenShots and blogging on google blogger blogspot (5 best tools).

If you are regularly blogging, you will encounter a lot of images and sometimes, you want to change these images.

As many blog platform (CMS) the blog editor with the usual features, including WYSIWYG editing, image "editing" is not sufficient.

The best solution: you will need a screenshot application and the use of google drawings.

Use a screnshot app (with automatic copy in your clipboard in jpg or png. jpg is better).
Go to you drive.
Select Google drive and drawing.
Google drawing is a very good web service.
Name your drawing if you want (up right, "Untitled drawing");
You can rotate, crop...
Explore menu: you can change color brigthness...
And also you can change the mask...

Menu File->Publish to the web
select small size.
copy the link.

go to you blogger and "add image" and copy URL.
All it takes to create a totally-customized .png or .jpeg image with a transparent background:

Use a background color or find free textures (insert image->select search) or to use for the background. Go to Insert > Image to upload the texture file. Resize the texture to fit the background. You can also set a background color (Right Click > Background).

If you will change your file, it will be dynamic.
The drawing is inserted as an image, but it continues to be editable (only in google drawings) after you add it to the document. Google uses SVG in Firefox, Opera, Chrome and other browsers that support it and VML in Internet Explorer, so you don't need third-party plug-ins. 

You have a lot of sharing possibilities (change the file or comment...) ->revision history...
It is a real-time collaborative application.
All your drawings are automatically saved and stored in Google Drive. Access them wherever you go, from any device.
You can also use chrome extension:
--> Google drawings works offline.

file .gdraw
A .gdraw file contains web link to a drawing created and saved in Google Drive. These files do not contain the actual drawing just encoded URL link.
These files are typically found in your Google Drive folder that is synchronized with the service. Opening it results in launching Google Drive in your Web browser so you can edit the drawing.
Google drawing can import and export jpeg, png and SVG files.

While more sophisticated apps exist, this one is very durable, fast, doesn't lag, saves, shares, reloads clean. One user wanted ability to add user-shaped arrows etc. Free fonts abound online, a good assortment for charting.

But it does not work with the function ""!!!!

In order to select the size and to use flipcard option,
use your screenshot apps when you have finished your drawings
(You loose the dynamic view).


Desktop Blog Editors 

8 Desktop Blog Editors To Make Your Blogging Faster


Screenshot apps

  • Save images in multiple formats
  • Take screenshots of specific resolution
  • Annotations (Arrows, Highlight, Tags, Blue, Text)
  • Easy Share to cloud services
  • Fast Loading and Lightweight
  • Full-Screen Capture (For Long Web Pages)
  • Screen Recording, excellent high-quality tools to capture screenshots
  • Support for shortcut keys
  • Basic Image Editing Features like cropping, rotating, etc.


InstantShot! (freeware)

It creates an icon in the menu bar. Clicking on the icon, a small menu will appear. Select the capture type from the menu (whole screen, a portion of screen, timed screenshot or multiple captures) or, if you want to change the save format, select the desired one from the submenus and then... capture!

Very fast but no editor's functions and no contextual name of the file.

Skitch (freeware)
You must drag to save a file.
Editor is OK. Link with evernote (free evernote cloud site (only 60MB)).
Mobile App is also available (Android/iOS)


editor: OK

Open source:



Nimbus Screenshot (Chrome and Firefox Plugin)

Image Editing Features are pretty basic.

Awesome Screenshot

Capture, Annotate and Share

and web Free Photo Editing Tools like PicMonkey, BeFunky,



  1. Thank you for sharing. I used to use dropbox for photo sharing but switched to Binfer recently. Makes sending pictures to my clients much easier. See

    1. Thank you for this comment. Binfer is a nice app but Free Plan=2 GB per month...