Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Table of contents in blogspot: test internal link with anchor tag in blogger.

A Table of Contents in blogger.
A little javascript in order to do automatically build a Table Of Contents:
There many problems with internal anchor in blogger.!topic/blogger/5MU_HH5T7rA
DON'T TOGGLE TO COMPOSE MODE and never SAVE/UPDATE in the Compose mode.
The blogger's toggle mode to Compose inserts
"http://xxxx.html" before # in /< a href="#_Bookmark_1" />
Replace "#_Bookmark_B" by
or for your page "/p/"
With this method you can toggle between
the two modes of blogger without problem.
but it will re-loads your page.

Create anchor links or bookmark links for fast navigation

Bookmark 1


Bookmark B


Bookmark c


Bookmark D


Bookmark last


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